Bitcoin Paywalls

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Bitcoin microtransactions

The future of money is here. Content creators now have the ability to charge hundredths of a penny for access to any piece of consumable media.

You control everything from how much to charge, what currency to charge in, and how much content to allow once payment is complete. Site day pass? Five articles? Two hours? It is all up to you.

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User doesn't want a monthly subscription? Capture sales with one-off purchases of consumable content


Reduce churn by keeping customers on your site, users do not need to navigate away to pay with bitcoin


Present the ability to pay for your content with bitcoin in any way you see fit

Who are we?

We are a service transparent to your users which enables content providers to present a bitcoin address to end users and to monitor payment. Our API ensures that the user has paid for the content you have paywalled.

Who are we not?

We are not a new user flow for your site. Your users stay on your page 100% of the time.


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Need guidance?

We provide white glove service to help you integrate, whether you already have a paywall set up or not.

Also see a working demo of our APIs in action at the top of this page. Source code available on GitHub.